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One of the most expensive components to replace of your house is the septic system. By simply having your tank pumped and inspected every two years will prolong the life of your system.

According to Maryland Department of Environment, the drain-field for your septic system has a life expectancy of 20 years. Neglecting to have your tank serviced can cost you more money in the long run by having to replace your drain-field.

When we show up to provide service we will;

  1. Provide professional service and answer any questions you may have regarding your septic system.

  2. Properly clean your tank by pumping and back-flushing as many times necessary to remove sludge and scum from your tank.

  3. When the tank is clean we will inspect for the outlet baffle as it is responsible for making sure solids remain in your tank and do not enter your drain-field. The outlet baffle is essential to the function and longevity of your system.

  4. Record date of service and remind the customer two years from that date that they are due for service. We will contact you via phone, mail, email, or any other method you prefer.

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There is no drainfield for a holding tank system. The waste water that your home produces enters the tank and remains there until it is pumped out. Pump out frequency is based on the amount of water being used and the size of the tanks. Due to this, holding tanks need to be pumped every few weeks or monthly. We offer the best rates for holding tanks.

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